“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”- St. Augustine.

This is my motto!  I’m Heather Bean and I live in San Antonio, Texas!  Every chance I get, I am headed out of the big city to small towns in Texas, other parts of America and all over the world!  I love exploring the world and even more than that… I love helping others explore as well! 


I attribute part of my love for travel to my grandpa.  As a child, my grandpa had a private airplane and we would often spend his day off traveling from Louisiana to Michigan and everywhere in between.  I remember climbing off of the wing of the airplane and my feet hitting the ground, looking up with excitement and anticipation as to what that new place would bring.  I STILL have this feeling… every time I step out of a plane, train, boat or car onto new land, something inside me wells up. 


I grew up a little bit everywhere, living in Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana and California. I have visited 48 states, over 25 countries and countless coffee shops!  I love adventure and hiking so even when budget or time doesn’t allow, I will hit a local trail, river, lake or beach!  Some of our family’s favorite destinations are Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, California, Colorado, Cruising to anywhere, South Africa, Europe, British Columbia, Greece and pretty much any beach although we really love Destin, Florida.


I have been married for 25 years to my husband, Jay and we have 3 great kids and one amazing grandson.  My current travel these days seems to be centered around my kids and where we can all meet up! With one set of kids living in Charleston, South Carolina and another in Los Angeles, California we often jet set to various places where we can all go together and make new memories.


I would love the opportunity to help you make some memories and turn your dreams into a reality whether that is a weekend in the big apple or a week on a sun-soaked beach in the Caribbean.  Give me a call and let’s make it happen!

Contact  Heather via email at heathermcbean@gmail.com 

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