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Niki Losch

Specialization:  group tours, student tours, family & sports team trips, cruises, Europe, and Spanish speaking countries 

Last Trip:
Summer of 2022 I spent a month traveling from Paris to Venice, Begamo to Lake Como, San Pelligrino, Florence, Cinque Terre, Madrid, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, & Granada, followed by 2-weeks on the Mediterranean Sea in Málaga Spain.

Next Trips:  

June 2023 Italy 11-day tour

February 2024 San Blas Islands, Panama 


​Recent Trips & Tours:   

2009 Paris 

2010 Costa Rica

2012 Spain & Morocco

2014 Madrid 

2015 Paris & Italy 

2017 Belize 

2017 Puerto Rico 

2019 Cancún & Isla Mujeres

2019 Maui & the road to Hana

2021 Secret’s Montego Bay, Jamaica

Dream Vacation:  Peru & Ecuador, visiting Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands 


Love to Plan: 

Anything in Europe or Spanish speaking countries, cruises, and unique Friends & Family trips.

Most Unique Trip Planned: 
A 3-generational month through Italy, France, & Spain

Places you can find me:

Facebook & Instagram

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