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  • Joseph Fehlen

A piece of paper does not make one an expert!!

Dear Fellow Wanderer,


As someone deeply invested in delivering unparalleled travel experiences, I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news with you. 

In the travel industry, we understand that completing a certificate for a cruise line, resort, or tour operator is just the beginning - it doesn't automatically confer expertise. True mastery comes from a genuine immersion in the travel world: knowing the individuals behind the scenes, firsthand experiences with their services, engaging with fellow agents, staying abreast of industry changes, and, most importantly, caring deeply about the travel experience.

Embarking on this journey demands a significant investment of time and energy, which I have done these last five years. This is why I only have a few resort brands, tour operators and cruise lines that I endorse as preferred suppliers*.

With that, I'm thrilled to announce a new chapter in our travel offerings – Windstar Cruises. Having meticulously cultivated personal connections, garnered years of looking into them, and received glowing recommendations from fellow agents I am pleased to offer them now as a preferred cruise line. Windstar Cruises holds a special place in my heart as I have developed deep relationships with those on the inside (even before selling them) and have grown to really love the people. However, the experience is what matters!! The attention to detail, luxury, and unique experiences they offer are unparalleled for the small ship, yacht like cruising.


I am proud to say that I've completed their education program and earned a certificate suitable for framing!! But to really dig into this product, it's my pleasure to extend an exclusive opportunity to you my fellow wanderers. A winter cruise to Bora Bora, Tahiti and the surrounding islands. Picture this: a group cruise March of 2025 to the enchanting French Polynesians. Crystal-clear waters, lush landscapes, and the unparalleled luxury of Windstar Cruises – it's a journey of a lifetime waiting to unfold. 

I'd love to gauge your interest and see if you're ready to set sail on this incredible adventure. Let me know if you're intrigued and if you want a special invite to hear more about this glorious trip, special pricing and extra amenities. Your wanderlust deserves to be fulfilled, and Windstar Cruises is the perfect vessel for the journey.

Wandering Together,




*Important Note: As part of our commitment to ensuring exceptional travel experiences, I want to inform you that I will be discontinuing the sale of certain products, even upon request. Over the last year, I've received feedback from some of you regarding resorts, cruises, and tours, that you wanted based on online deals or reviews. It has become apparent that these options, while seemingly affordable, may compromise the quality of your travel experience. I firmly believe that your hard-earned dollars deserve to be spent wisely, and the true value of a deal is only realized when it contributes to a positive and enjoyable travel adventure. Rest assured, I am dedicated to curating travel options that prioritize both value and excellence for your journeys. I don't always get it right, but I am getting closer to 100% and that is by using only preferred experiences.

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