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Are All Inclusive Resorts Really Worth It?

Anyone with any experience in vacationing will have come across the term “all-inclusive.” On paper and in our dreams it sure sounds nice. One cost up front! No need to have a care for price tags for the entirety of your stay! But still the question persists, “are all inclusive resorts worth it?”

At Small Town Wanderer, we could sit down and crunch the numbers, weigh out the value-add of a package comparative to the degrees of success you achieve capitalizing on said bonus amenities over the course of your travels. But, unless you do this for a living, your eyes will glaze over. And, if you did do this for a living, you’d already know that all-inclusive was really worth it. Go ahead and put that scratch paper away.

So, instead, we’ll paint a picture. Consider two hypotheticals and how likely the variables may well be, and what that bonus of all-inclusive really means to you.


Spanning a duration of time somewhere between the age of learning to walk and the age of being financially independent, your children are going to desire things from you without having the firmest grasp on the cost. This in essence, can create a thorny experience for a vacation. If your child asks, “hey [parent], can we do [incredibly fun thing]?” You, the parent, don’t want to have to say:

“No, we can’t do that incredibly fun thing, because it costs more than I’m comfortable spending. Just enjoy your vacation without that.” or

“Yes, we can do that incredibly fun thing and spend more money.”

It’s a no-win situation. Especially so if you say no, because it’s equally likely your child may not acquiesce to your answer. Do you really want to spend your vacation being serenaded by your child asking “but why not?”

Instead, consider the benefit of staying at an all-inclusive resort such as a Sunscape or Dreams Resort in the Caribbean. When your child asks you, “Hey, can we go windsurfing?” Thanks to the activity being complimentary with your stay, all you have to consider is whether or not you need another mojito before saying “absolutely.”


One variable often overlooked when weighing whether or not to stay at an all-inclusive resort is the value in unlocking the full potential of memory making. Sure, lounging idyllic on the beachfront of a tropical paradise makes for great memories, but with the benefit of an all-inclusive stay—every experience becomes a practice of “yes, and….” Ultimately allowing for an exponential growth in priceless memories.

Yes, you would like another margarita delivered to your beach lounge chair, and you’d also like another order of those succulent tacos to go with it. Yes, you would like to take that catamaran for a quick spin, and could you go ahead and put your name down for the painting lesson later? Yes, you have enjoyed your visit to the state-of-the-art gym, and you’re about to enjoy a visit to the sauna too. The chain reaction of tacking on a new experience to every already great experience you have allows for the enjoyment found in each day to compound. It’s hard to assign it an exact value, but it’s easy to say it’s worth it.

While your experiences may be different from the ones above, the benefit of all-inclusive speaks for itself. The lack of stress regarding any and every potential price tag, the thrill of continuously chaining on new enjoyments, the peace of mind in knowing everything you need is taken care of the second you arrive.

Ready to capitalize on the benefits of an all-inclusive resort? Talk with one of our travel agents. Not only do they have an encyclopedic knowledge of vacation possibilities, but also their working relationships with the biggest names in travel, Funjet, Travel Impressions, and Apple Vacations—guarantees you’ll enjoy exclusive perks and amenities. Consider us at Small Town Wanderer the key to answering the age-old question, “are all inclusive resorts worth it?”

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