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Fellow Wanderer Episode Seven : Mazie Rae Vincent

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Come wander with me as I talk with what I would consider my first real small town gal, Mazie Vincent. When the college you attend is larger than your hometown that means you grew up in a small town! We talk football stadiums, riding horses into town as well as finding the joy in most everything. We also talk about her debut this last week of a documentary, If The Shoe Fits: A Snowshoe Baseball Story, she helped direct about the fun small town of Lake Tomahawk, WI and the quirky game of Snowshoe Baseball they play there. Check out the backstory and some great clips about it on Facebook or watch the whole story on YouTube. I also talk about people that like pickle flavored snow cones probably don't go to church.

Episode Five Show Notes

June 26, 2020 Guest : Mazie Rae Vincent

Spotlight On : Stratford Texas

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