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Making Our Travels More Meaningful

Hey Friends!

Here’s the latest and greatest on how vacationers are making their trips more meaningful this year. Volunteering while on vacation is one of the latest trends in travel and we love this concept for many reasons! Are you getting ready to go visit someplace new? Or heading back to a favorite vacay spot? Either way, take a minute to give some thought to how you can "leave it better than you found it."

Many Fellow Wanderers agree that one of the best parts of traveling is the "vacation high" we experience while on a trip. Why is this? Well it is certainly due, in part, to the beautiful, luscious, tropical, warm, sunny settings in which we find ourselves. These types of places naturally evoke feelings of renewal, refreshment, inspiration, and gratitude. With hearts full of appreciation for the amazing environments we are able to spend time in, why not take the opportunity to give back to the place that is giving so much to us?!

Weaving service into vacation not only benefits the communities we serve, but the act of volunteering has also been shown to alleviate stress and increase happiness within those who give. In other words, the act of giving back actually amplifies two of the major benefits of vacationing (alleviating stress and increasing happiness).

Whether spending a few hours helping clean the beach, participating in a local fundraiser, assisting residents or community members in some way, or taking a day to help with the rebuild in a damaged area, the time and energy spent in this capacity will be greatly appreciated by the communities served, as well as the environment.

Here are a few great ways to get started:

* Do some pre-trip research (google nonprofit organizations in the area)

* Talk to the hotel concierge

* Chat with the locals for ideas

* Stop by the Chamber of Commerce on your way into town to see what and where help may be needed

If we go into these experiences with an open mind, and let our hearts and hands be ready to serve while on our next trip, who knows what opportunities will come along! Afterall, it's all about positively impacting the places we go ~ partly in thanks for the way they impact us.

Yours in Wanderlust,

Joseph Fehlen, Owner-Agent

Kelly Koerpel, Client Relations Manager

Small Town Wanderer Travel

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