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  • Joseph Fehlen

Moving into Travel

Dear Fellow Wanderers,  

I trust this email finds you in great spirits and filled with wanderlust! It's been a while since our last connection, and I'm thrilled to share some exciting updates with you. As mentioned in my previous email, our travel agency (and family) has relocated to the charming town of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. This new journey has inspired me to introduce even more incredible travel experiences to you.

Amidst the January hustle, where we've been busy booking sun-filled escapes, I want to highlight other fantastic travel opportunities that might pique your interest. 

Discover the Beauty of River Cruising: Embark on a unique journey with our curated selection of river cruises. Cruise along majestic rivers, explore charming European towns, and soak in breathtaking landscapes. From the Danube to the Rhine or Rhone, we've carefully chosen river cruise options promising unforgettable moments on the water. 

Luxurious All-Inclusive Resorts: Experience a new era of all-inclusive resorts that go beyond the ordinary. Bid farewell to outdated stereotypes of buffets and cheap drinks. Our handpicked selection guarantees a sophisticated escape with gourmet dining, premium amenities, and personalized service. Immerse yourself in a realm of opulence designed for your utmost enjoyment. Your journey to paradise just became a luxurious affair! 

Speaking of Luxury: I've started working with ultra-luxury cruise lines, offering unparalleled service and experiences. Luxury doesn't mean I can't find you the best value. For those blessed with financial resources, elevate your travel to new levels of opulence. 

As we embark on this new chapter in Mount Horeb, we express our gratitude for your continued support. To celebrate our relocation, we're offering special promotions, introducing new group travel experiences, and sending extra good vibes your way. 

If you're ready to explore the world with us or have any questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to turn your travel dreams into reality. Thank you for being part of the Fellow Wanderer family.


Joseph & Christy

ps. We're super excited to be closer to our older children and their families!

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