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New Solo Small Town Traveler

This is a guest post from Christy Fehlen:

I travel a fair amount in my life, but it hasn’t been until recently that I realized all the things that go into a trip. Over the past few months, I had to take a few solo trips to the big city of LA for business, and as a somewhat inexperienced solo traveler, I have found a few helpful tips that have enabled me to enjoy my recent excursions with less anxiety and more confidence. I thought I would pass a few ideas along just in case you suffer from inexperienced travel insecurities like I do.

Pack less than you ever thought you needed. For a recent four-day trip I took with me a simple roller carry-on bag and another small purse. In my bags I had my laptop, a clear plastic Ziploc with all of my toiletries, a folder with my itinerary, two pairs of shoes, a light jacket and 3 outfits that could be mixed and matched depending on weather and of course socks & underwear. I wore slip on shoes to make going through security that much easier and I also didn’t wear any jewelry other than my wedding ring.

I am also gaining confidence, and may next time fly without my trusty folder with my printed itinerary because in the age of smart phones and watches, you really could save paper and have all of your travel documents safely on your phone. Text alerts for flight delays or updates on gate changes make traveling so much easier.

Recently I had a quick connecting flight where I had to sprint across the airport to get to my next plane, so traveling light is a big deal. I also check locations for my next flight as soon as I land so I can plan exactly where I will go next. If you can’t figure it out, don’t be afraid to ask. People at airports are nice and it is okay to ask a real live person a question.

I also learned lately that if you do bring a roller bag, chances are you are going to be asked to “voluntarily” check your bag because there is only so much room in the smaller plane’s overhead bin. This is a huge blessing and it is (most of the time) no cost to the traveler. Now I ask if the airline needs people to voluntarily check bags so that I don’t have to bother with it. It has enabled me to “check” a bag without a fee and not have to lug it from one gate to the next. If you are worried about your bag not arriving at your final destination, then make yourself more comfortable and keep one outfit and your toiletries in your small purse/bag and take that with you onto the plane.

Just a few ideas from a new solo small town wanderer.

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