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Passport 101

One of the travel questions we get most often is regarding processing time for passports. We can't encourage you ENOUGH to plan ahead when it comes to renewing your passport! Many people tend to put off the process of passport renewal because it seems like such a hassle. The truth is that it isn't that difficult to follow the necessary steps as long as you can set aside the time to do it. The time it takes to prep your passport renewal is completely worth a few moments of extra effort, in comparison to the hassle and stress of trying to expedite or missing out on a trip due to not receiving your renewed passport in time.

The estimated wait time for passport renewal is 10 - 13 weeks. We suggest padding that with at least two to four weeks if you can, just to be safe. Expedited passport renewal (with a fee of approximately $60) can take 7 - 9 weeks, but that timeframe is not always guaranteed either.

If you are considering traveling abroad in the next year, check your passport now! And if you can't check it right this very minute, at least check the expiration date before you book your international trip.

It's important to note the guidelines for passport renewal versus applying for a new passport. If any of following are true, you cannot actually renew your US passport, but must apply a new passport in person:

* Issued before your 16th birthday

* Issued more than 15 years ago

* Damaged, lost, or stolen

* Issued in your previous name and you do not have a legal document (like a marriage license) to prove your legal name change

Ways to renew and documents needed:

Currently, as of the writing of this letter, passports can only be renewed via mail (online renewal is currently paused).

Typically, you will need the following items to renew your passport:

Other Helpful Links:

We hope this information is helpful and motivational! We are happy to try and answer any other passport related questions, but we're even more excited to help you plan your next international trip! Reach out today and let's put your next adventure on the calendar.

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