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  • Joseph Fehlen

Three Cheers for Curated Tours!

Hey Friends! We often get asked about the benefits of visiting certain destinations via a tour, versus planning your own vacation. Of course it depends on the destination, your timeframe, and your level of interest in planning all the details of the trip. We have some amazing preferred suppliers who offer tours around the US, as well as many European locations, and even Costa Rica. From our perspective, there's nothing better than having a well-educated guide who is familiar with the area, leading a group tour, especially when visiting another country.

There are so very many details involved in trip planning, whether domestic or abroad, which is why we love the idea of allowing an experienced tour company to assist with driving, finding off the beaten path locations, setting up quality accommodations, and locating and reserving unique dining experiences at local restaurants. People often worry that they won't have enough "free time" if they choose to travel via tour. We are aware of this concern and we purposely select tour companies who are known for curating well-balanced daily schedules, which allow travelers ample time to enjoy their own adventures, as well as participate in planned activities. Additional benefits to vacationing via a curated tour range from all-inclusive rates, knowledgeable hosts and guides, clean, comfortable and modern tour buses, and expedited entrance lines, to the wonderful opportunity to travel with like-minded people, who often become life-long friends. We have some fabulous upcoming group tour opportunities being offered directly through Small Town Wanderer and we can also connect you to our favorite tour suppliers, based on your preferred destination. Reach out today for more information and we'll get your next vacation tour booked! Yours in Wanderlust, Small Town Wanderer Travel ps. Speaking of tours, don't miss out on any of our group trips we are hosting. Click the Groups tab on our home page.

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