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Travel Industry Leaders Gathering

Hey Friends!

Did you know that your favorite Small Town Wanderer owner & agent is considered one of the most influential, up-and-coming travel advisors in North America? That's right, our very own Joseph Fehlen has been hand-selected to participate in an elite, appointment-only travel industry event, which happens only once a year.

This July, Joseph will be attending the prestigious

Global Travel Marketplace in Henderson NV, where he'll interact and connect with global travel suppliers. This includes 50 individual face-to-face meetings with selected vendors, along with 12 in-depth, small group boardroom sessions with top travel suppliers.

Travel advisors who are selected to participate in this exclusive boutique-style event are able to greatly enhance their product knowledge, strengthen and expand their supplier partnerships, and learn from the success of other travel professionals ... which means only good things for our team of advisors and for you, our Fellow Wanderers.

How does this benefit our clients?

As you can probably guess, there is quite a bit of behind the scenes work that goes on for travel advisors. One of the most important aspects of building and maintaining a well-rounded travel company involves developing and nurturing relationships with our suppliers and vendors, such as cruise lines, resorts, destination representatives, and various suppliers of travel. Creating and maintaining a positive rapport within these relationships offers us direct access to travel offers, discounts and inside scoops that are not often made available to the public.

As travel agents, we love to connect with a wide variety of professionals within the travel industry because the more we know about various locations and products, the better we can assist our clients. For example, many of our Fellow Wanderers are looking to travel to places like Ireland or Switzerland. Since we have not yet had a great deal of experience in these destinations, it is extremely helpful for us to have close relationships with other travel professionals who are on the ground in these locations or have had more in-person experiences there. These are the types of connections that are created and developed during the Global Travel Marketplace Conference.

If you have a dream destination or a future vacation spot you're interested in learning more about, drop us an email in the next few weeks and Joseph will be sure to connect with suppliers in that area while at the GTM.

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