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  • Joseph Fehlen

We are moving to Mount Horeb WI

We are thrilled to share some exciting personal news with all of you. Christy, Ruby, and I will be moving to Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin in February to be closer to our older children and their families. 

I understand that this may not directly impact most of you, especially if you don't typically visit my Rhinelander office. However, for those who do, please ensure you schedule an appointment on my calendar beforehand. For those unfamiliar with Rhinelander (or Wisconsin), feel free to reach out as you normally would.

Despite the move, life in my business world at Small Town Wanderer Travel will continue as usual. I'll be bringing the travel spirit to this bedroom community of 7000, located about 30 minutes away from our capital city. I am eager to become invested in the local community, just as I have wherever I go, and to continue spreading the love of life and travel. Your ongoing encouragement and utilization of my travel services during this next chapter mean the world to me. 

As a side note, this marks the first time we've moved not for a job. We have come to prioritize family above all else, recognizing the uncertainties of life. We are excited about this different experience and eagerly anticipate the doors that will continue to open for us. My advice to all of you is not to delay pursuing the things you desire, whether it's a trip, a move, or a simple phone call. Life often presents us with choices between two great options, and I am confident that the Lord provides good options and good people no matter where we find ourselves.

May our journey inspire you to dream, plan, and take action. Thank you for being a part of our story. 

Wandering Together, Joseph

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