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Why we do what we

Careers are an interesting thing. People choose different careers for different reasons, and these days, our careers tend to change throughout the various seasons of our lives. However, it seems our intentions behind our careers often stay the same throughout the ebb and flow within our professional lives. When I was younger, I worked to fulfill a calling in my life, which was to help others see their fullest potential. When I started a family in my early 20s, my career shifted as I focused to work toward providing for my family’s needs. However, I still held true to my calling of helping others see their fullest potential. Now that I am older and my family has (mostly) grown up, I continue to work, but in a new way … all the while still holding the same intention of helping others reach their potential. In my current professional life, the focus has shifted from providing FOR my family, to enjoying more life experiences WITH my family.

My current career as a Travel Agency Owner allows me the opportunity to earn a nice income. I also create an environment for other travel agents (six so far) to grow their business, reach their highest potential, and earn as much money as they can. Most importantly, I’m honored to assist clients in seeing their dreams for taking a vacation come into reality. The fulfillment of this aspect of my career is due in large part to our many amazing clients and Fellow Wanderers! Thanks to so many of you for allowing me and our team the opportunity to serve you in the area of travel and see your fullest potential. We are grateful that you choose to work with a small business! And we would be honored to help even more of you create memorable moments with your family and friends via travel.

For our new and potential travel friends, booking with Small Town Wanderer is simple! Reach out today and we will send over a short inquiry form for you to complete. From there, our team puts together some ideas of various spots that might work for your specific requirements and requests. Then, based on how far out the trip is, we typically have you place a small deposit in order to hold your vacation with our suppliers. And we always offer the availability of paying off your trip interest free.

Our team will walk with you along each step of your travels in order to help with transfers, flights, excursions, insurance and great places to see. We are a full-service agency that doesn’t charge fees for most trips. You win…we win…we all win when you use a travel agent. Respond to this email today and let’s start having more trips WITH those we love.

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