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Why use a travel agent?

​Since it has become relatively easy to book your own travel online these days, many people may wonder, why use a travel agent? Good question! Here are some benefits of working with me: 

1)  You can be sure nothing is left to chance. I will educate you on critical issues that you might overlook, such as travel advisories or warnings for destinations, ensuring your layover is long enough to get through customs, immigration, security, and the availability of travel insurance.

2) You save time. On average, consumers spend at least 5 hours researching, planning, and comparing prices online when booking their own vacation. In today's busy world, not everyone has that much time to spare. You can simply delegate this task while retaining the authority to make final selections and decisions.

3)You get the best deal possible. Travel agents have access to pricing and insider information that is not available to the general public. When planning your vacation or honeymoon, I carefully examine all of my preferred suppliers in order to find the best value for your money. 

4) You can make payments in installments. When using an online travel site, you usually have to pay for everything upfront. Most of my vacation packages only require an initial deposit to confirm your reservation and additional payments can be made in installments.

5) You can work with a person rather than a computer. It can be very reassuring to finalize all of the details of your trip with a person rather than a nameless, faceless website. 

6) You can stop feeling overwhelmed. When it comes to travel, there are so many options! I have already done the work for you and carefully handpicked the destinations and resorts that are most ideal for a tropical vacation or honeymoon.

7) You avoid the pitfalls found with online travel websites. Online travel websites are popular, however, they provide very little service, and you do all the work!  

Check out our travel advisor page 

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